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Folens Limited, Dunstable

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September 1997 – May 2000  

Desk Editor

  • editorial duties as well as general project management
  • overseeing the production of the Folens Maths Programme (copy-editing and proofreading 50% of the titles and overseeing the work of the desk editor who managed the other 50%; consulting the National Numeracy Strategy for title development)
  • management of 14 other titles from manuscript to print
  • daily liaison with authors, commissioning editors, layout staff, freelance proof-readers and designers
  • commissioning artwork, designing the layout of individual pages and conducting photo and copyright research



Wiley-Blackwell, Edinburgh

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July 2003 – March 2009 Assistant Production Manager

  • line management of four production staff
  • recruitment
  • mentoring and staff development
  • conducting appraisals and performance management
  • supporting senior management
  • workflow development
  • change management
  • contributing to departmental policy and initiatives
  • visiting overseas typesetting suppliers
May 2000 – March 2009 Production Editor

Management of a package of medical journals. This included:

  • quality assurance of editing, typesetting and printing by suppliers
  • online photo research, copy-editing and proofreading
  • liaison with authors, clients, suppliers and colleagues at all levels
  • meeting schedules and allocating work to freelance staff
  • database administration for workflow/schedule tracking, extracting information for colleagues and clients
  • monitoring despatch and distribution dates